User Management

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Create, edit and upload users in a batch for a company.

click ADMIN Dashboard > (Select a company) > User Management

Create user

Create a user for a company.
Note: You can create a user through System Admin, but the user would be in the system level rather than in a company.

Company user

  • First name: The first name of a user..
  • Surname:The surname of a user.
  • Email address:The email address of a user.
  • New password: Enter a new password or leave it blank to keep the current password. For security reasons, select "Force password change". . The user would be prompted to change his password on next login.
  • Send temporary passwords by email: If it's on, Teachume sends a temporary passsword to the user by email. He will need to change the password on login.
  • Send email on: You can schedule Teachume to send an email to the user notifying him on successful account creation.


Select the company or a department to assign the user you are creating a role - User, Department Training Manager or Company Manager.

Assign courses

Assign courses that you want to enrol the user into.

Edit user

Edit an existing user.
  1. Select a company or a department
  2. Search for a user using firt name, last name, email address or user type
  3. Select from user control dropdown list, you can edit, delete or suspend a user. Moreover, you can re-send user details to the user by email and change course enrolment.

  4. Re-send user details

    Change course enrolment

Upload users

Upload users in a batch via a CSV file. For the upload format and explanation, please visit Upload users