Course enrolment

Note: This page is about adding (enrolling) students to courses. If the students do not already have accounts on the Teachume site, then you need first to read the page Add users.

Add students

The process of adding students to courses is called Enrolment. This is different from adding users to the site, which is known as Authentication. There are various methods of enrolling students into courses, once they have logged in to Teachume.

Students enrol themselves

If Self enrolment is enabled then students can sign up to courses themselves. The teacher can restrict enrolment to those who have been given an Enrolment key and, if needed, a staff member may be given the Keyholder role to manage enrolment keys.

Student self-enrols into a course.

Teachers manually enrol students

If Manual enrolment is enabled (and it usually is) then teachers may add students to their course from the nav drawer Participants link by clicking 'Enrolled users' in the gear menu (or in Course Users in the Administration block if you are using a theme other than Boost).

Allowing guests into a course

Guests may be allowed to view course contents, but not participate in them, if Guest access is enabled. To find out exactly what guests may and may not do in a course, see the page Guest role.

Adding students in bulk

  1. When using Manual enrolment, the teacher may select and enrol several students at once.
  2. An administrator can enrol students in bulk into a course with a CSV file. See Bulk enrolments.
  3. Units, that is, site or category-wide batches of users, may be added to courses using the Cohort sync enrolment method. Note that Units must first exist on the site.