Important Concept

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Teachume is a hierarchical and multi-tenant learning management system leveraged on the latest technologies - Virtual Reality, Video Streaming and Zoom and many more.

Multi-tenancy with hierarchy


    A company should be a subsidary of your company, in which the departments, categories, courses and users are separated from other companies. As an administrator or managers with adaquate capacity, you can create multiple companies.


    In a company, managers can create departments - IT Department, Finance and Sales & Marketing etc. With a department, you can assign courses and users with different roles. You can share courses across different departments.

The difference between AdMIN Dashboard and System Admin

    ADMIN Dashboard

    ADMIN Dashboard is for managing courses, categories, users, department and other features in a company. You can also manage companies as well.

    1. When click ADMIN Dashboard, you need to select a company to be managed.

    2. After a company is selected, you can see all the related features

    System Admin (If it's enabled)

    System Admin is to manage courses, categories and users in a system level. It's the Teachume fundamental layer, which everything is built on it. It can be understood as a plain level container without companies and departments. AdMIN Dashboard is also built over it.