Company Management

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Create and edit companies, which are the subsidaries of your corporate. At the moment, it's not allowed to delete a company due to the complexity.

click ADMIN Dashboard > (Select a company) > Company Management

Manage companies

You can create a child company, suspend a company and browse the overview report stating the number of users in different roles and the number of courses.

Create Company

You create a company with the following fields:

Add a company

  • Long Name: The full name of a company
  • Short Name: Using the long name may be too long to be reported in a report or other related locations, then short name can be applied.
  • Location (Town/City): The location of a company
  • Select a country: The country of a company locates.

Manager emails

  • Send manager emails: Choose what type of notifications a company manager will get for their users. Whether it is reminder emails to complete a course or course completion information for users or both.
  • Send manager digest emails on: This sends out report emails to managers on this day of the week only.
  • External supervisor email field: Choose the profile field which will contain the email address of a user's manager who does not have an account on the system.

Advanced Company Settings

  • Apply role template (Previously applied was None): Select the role template to be applied to this company. Child companies can inherit as well as use a template which is allocated to the company. This will change all of the company and department managers capabilities for this company.
  • List of company domains: This is the list of company email domains which will be used to auto assign users to this company through the local ADMIN signup module.
  • Webserver hostname: If this is defined and the user accesses the site using this hostname, they will be redirected to login page branded for this company.
  • Parent company: Select the parent company for this company. Company managers in the parent company will automatically be assigned as company managers in this company and licenses can be split from a parent company to a child company.
  • Available templates: These are the list of templates which are available to company managers.

User defaults

  • Email display: You can hide or show your email with the following options: Hide my email address from everyone, allow everyone to see my email address and allow only other course members to see my email address.
  • Email format: Choose your email format as Pretty HTML format or plain text format.
  • Email digest type: If you are using forum activity, you can choose the types of emails notifying forum updates. Single email per forum post, Daily email with full posts and daily email with subjects only.
  • Forum auto-subscribe: When I post, subscribe me to that forum discussion. Or automatically subscribe me to forum discussions.
  • Forum tracking: For tracking forum, you can choose highlight new posts and don't keep track of posts I have ever seen.
  • Text editor: Use standard web forms or HTML editor.
  • Timezone: Choose the right timezone for the company creating.
  • Preferred Language: Choose the language you would use as default.


Managers can select a theme and upload a logo for a company. If you want a customized theme, please contact your administrator. You can customize the current theme with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and a color scheme with heading color, main color and link color. Moreover, you can tailor make menu items.

Certificate design

If you are using a certificate in a company, you can add or replace the logo, signature, border and watermark of it.

Edit company

Edit an existing company

Manage departments

Create, edit and delete departments. You can also export department structure as .json

Assign user roles

Assign user roles - User, Company manager, Department training manager to existing users.
External company managers: If you would like to show company managers from other companies. This is only available if the role type you are assigning is the company manager one.

  • Select a company or a department
  • Select a role to assign/unassign from the dropdown list.
  • Select users and click Add or Remove.

Assign users

Assign existing users in the system to the company selected. The potential users are the users in the system level (without company limitation).