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This page is an introduction to Teachume administration. You have a new, empty Teachume site installed. What to do next?

Setting up the user interface

  1. If you are the administrator, you can see the Site User Interface Settings button.
  2. Upload site logo and icon in General Settings
  3. Create a slideshow and site slogans in Home Page Settings
  4. Add social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in Footer Settings
  5. Upload background image and site description in Login Page Settings

Add a company

Teachume Learning Management System is a hierarchical system, with which you can manage your company hierarchy.

Adding courses

  • Courses are Teachume's learning areas, where teachers and students work together.
  • You may add a new course by clicking the 'Create Course' link in the Course Management tab under ADMIN Dashboard.
  • Adding users

    Step 1: Authentication

    Everyone using your site must have an account. You can allow people to create their own account using Email-based self-registration, or add new users individually or bulk create accounts via CSV file or choose from a number of other authentication methods.

    For more information, see Managing accounts and Authentication.

    Note: You do not yet decide who will be a teacher, student or other type of participant.

    Step 2: Enrolment

    Once users have an account, they need to be enrolled in courses. (Now is the time to give them their student, teacher or other role.) You can allow them to self enrol, or you can enrol them manually yourself or choose from a number of other enrolment methods.

    For more information, see Enrolments.

    Note: You can create accounts and enrol users in courses at the same time if you wish by uploading users or you can explore Units, site or category wide groups.

    Enrolling learners into a course