Unit sync

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About unit sync

Unit sync is for automatically enrolling members of a unit in a course. If a user is added or removed from the unit, they are automatically enrolled or unenrolled respectively. In other words, unit sync synchronises unit membership with course enrolment.

Enabling unit sync

Unit sync module is enabled by default on inital setup. If it's not, please contact our system support.

Unit badges

Site administrators may now award badges to members of Units.See the documentation Managing badges for more information.

Enrolling a unit in a course

To enrol a unit in a course

  1. Go to Course Enrolment methods and select 'Unit sync' in the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose the required unit and then click the 'Add method' button.

Teachers can add Units to courses by default but a manager or admin can hide certain Units from teachers by unchecking the 'Visible' box in the Unit settings or by clicking the 'eye' icon on the Units screen.


Enrolling Units this way means that if members are added or removed from the unit they are added or removed in the course too - ie, enrolment is synchronised.



When synchronising a unit it is also possible to automatically add all unit members to the group. A new group can also be created when adding the unit.