Adding a new course

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Adding a course

Teachume is a hierarchical learning management system. Teachers can create a course in system level or company level.

By default a regular teacher can't add a new course. To add a new course to Teachume, you need to have either Administrator, Course Creator or Manager rights.To add a course:

  • To create a course in system level, click "Create a new course" button on the left menu. (System Level)
  • From ADMIN Dashboard, select a company and click Course Management>Create Course (Company Level)
  • Click "Create Course" and go back to ADMIN Dashboard. Click "Create and go to course" to perform course settings.
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    Deleting a course

    Teachers cannot delete courses. Managers can delete courses and course creators can delete courses they have created themselves, but only within 24 hours of creating the course. This is so that courses created by mistake may be deleted without needing to ask an administrator.

    Administrators can always delete courses.

    To delete a course (as an admin or manager):

    1. From ADMIN Dashboard, click Course Management > Manage course categories
    2. Click the course's category and click the course in the screen on the right.
    3. Click the Delete link.
    Deleting a course